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The Origin Of Aikido

Without a doubt, Aikido is the one of the best martial around the world. Moreover, this art is very popular around United States. The art of Aikido is proven by the martial artist and actor named Steven Seagal. Seagal's movies promoted the popularity of this art. Aikido is rich of traditions and history. The story of this art originally started during 1940s in the place of Japan. The founder of Aikido is Morihei Ueshiba, he was born on the 14th of December 1883. As he grows in Japan, Morihei witnessed the disrespectful acts of the local thugs against his father. From that time, he decided to train himself in order protect his father. Ueshiba become strong, his life was devoted to martial art training.

Ueshiba receives certificates from spear fighting, fencing and jujitsu. Even though he is already strong enough, he finds himself unhappy with his skills. He knew that something was lacking inside him. Because of that, he began to look deeper into the concept of religion. He believes that the fusion of religion and martial art would give him the answer. During that time, the name of this art is Aikibudo. However, during 1942 Ueshiba decided to replace it as Aikido. Aikido is a lot better than Aikibudo. In fact, this art fuses the techniques of aiki-jujitsu, sword fighting and jujitsu. It's concept is based on harmony and religion. This art uses weight manipulation, throws and joint locks. The effectiveness of the art is the result of Ueshiba's creative motivation throughout the years. He developed a very efficient and reliable martial art which can counter opponents in any sizes.

Some people believe that there is no unified philosophy in this art. But, the fact is, Aikido is rich in religion and heritage. Moreover, this art uses peace and harmony of the spirit. Ueshiba believes that the human body is more than capable of doing anything, by achieving the higher spiritual power. At first, Ueshiba created this art to revenge his father. But, as he learn the true meaning of martial art, he was able to change his beliefs and made Aikido as the art of peace.

Today, Aikido is being practiced around the world. This is one of the most powerful martial art in the history. Steven Seagal made the techniques of Aikido more popular by applying it to his movies. If are able to practice this art, you will achieve the inner peace within yourself. Aikido teaches the most effective martial art self defense. Moreover, if you are able to understand its concept, you will certainly find your purpose in life.

Troy Macraft is an independent content writer who specializes in the martial arts. Troy's passion is in the mixed martial arts as he is working for The MMA Zone as the online martial arts supplies store. Shop The MMA Zone for great prices on all your MMA Gear!

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