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There Was Chaos Because One Person Out For A Thorough Risk Of Ewing Diego Dependency

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0 to 3 total defeat at Udinese, Juventus, as always, a harvest is lost, the only difference is the lack of Juventus Diego worse on defense, on offense, weak striker Support can not afford even a face-saving goal.

Feng has been unable to Juventus this season, the largest heart since one of Zaccheroni under the command of the situation or even intensified in the last eight league games, only a striker Alessandro Del Piero goal. When Diego at the time, perhaps you can excuse the Brazilians too sticky ball, too alone to delay the most favorable aircraft, which were attacking midfielder excuse not suited for the Serie A striker and midfielder in the series makes the not understanding. So now Diego hurt, Juventus return to the traditional 4-4-2 formation, the situation up front, how many poor improved?

Juventus 4-4-2 formation is Zaccheroni on traditional regression, Diego sidelined, Zach just give Frontal this position, so that Juventus winger the ball, and then middle Qiangdian by Amauri. This is undoubtedly a case of lack of penetration Diego Road, Juventus a correct tactical change. Zach misses the point, however, that the staffing problem, the channel Atlanta Falcons Jerseys wing midfielder, Mauro Camoranesi just back from injury, the state is clearly not in the same category. Marchisio lumbar origin, changed significantly in the sense of playing on the wing or slightly unfamiliar with both. The two sides back in the De Qieli completely found the feeling, only Zebina barely completed one pass in decent kicks. This apparent lack of confidence and even the wings have two old captain Alessandro Del Piero pulled himself to the wing trying to pass, the more desperate is in charge of Juventus Qiangdian standing is restricted Amauri has been so deep striker goal drought.

Therefore, the officer is not supporting the discharge of the Bianconeri actually barely a 4-4-2 formation, defensive line completely outside the state in the case, the midfield was not enough support for the strikers, resulting in losses of the unfavorable situation can not restore the situation under .

442 formation of a strained than even a maladaptive Diego. Same scene at a disadvantage, the game against Atlanta, with Juventus also made reversal of Mello's goal, but the game, Udinese in the lead, the old woman to complete only parry the effort, no offense The strength of the.

Zaccheroni aware of this error may be only 66 minutes in 61 minutes and were replaced Iaquinta and Giovinco. Thus, the configuration of the twin towers and the mass Giovinco can complement each other and, indeed, change key personnel responsible for the twin towers Hou Jiao arts ball, creating several opportunities no small threat.

Although Diego has been criticized, but the zebra from the midfielder the game's score after the game mediaset no one pass, such a performance, not a great Diego State squad is the most worthy of Juventus Frontal trust has been overlooked is that, 5 goals, 9 assists and ranks first among the results let Diego team. This is validation of the sentence, the loss is always the best. Juventus lost only to find Diego, Diego can determine the importance of the success of a game.

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