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Three Most Important Golf Clubs

One of the greatest the world golf professor Harvey Pennick once asked which of three clubs are the most important in golf bag? His answer is “putter, driver and irons,” I think when friends should be able to understand the importance of the three clubs when playing.

When you are playing a ball, the driver is at least 14 times, and the driver is mainly to get a larger flight distance, usually in the service area to use on the tee. First on the tee shot hit the farther the ball closer to the green from the relative probability that the ball hit close to the hole increased, so that par to complete the greater the chance of hitting. Therefore, wood is the No. 1 play an important role to improve performance club. From the psychological point of view, if you are beautiful from the tee out of the strike, it will make you more confident, of course, if you are always the ball into the woods, perhaps shake your confidence, so the driver is also the most attractive club, such as Taylormade r9 driver.

Also in the same match, the number of times you use the putter is about 23-15 times, if the count can give “ok” to push the number of clicks, it should be more. Count putt 3 feet 1, 260 yards a kick-off can be considered one, but the putt is often a greater impact on some of your achievements. Hit the ball into the hole make your Xinxinbaopeng, fighting passionately, if it is in the game, you can secretly observe your opponents, and often they reveal disappointment. Nick Pang said, “players can putt good match with anyone, pushed the players hit poor people than any opponent.” It seems to use a good putt putt shot, can really fight to the opponent's emotions.

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Using the same number of times the ball after a putt, I am afraid the number of special iron will, and greenside chipping, bunker sand and lob the plane and some scrambling in the greens will be used, the usage of special irons the most technical. In the sand, if used properly, hit the ball feels very soft, hit the sweet spot will feel authentic, by the middle to high trajectory. In the performance of the rough will be themselves, and the use of special iron hitting any part of the face will have a similar feeling, heavy head toe to make you feel very clear, hit the ball high and straight and like to play the ball rotation is a special iron rod splitting strengths.

Of course, the position of the hand grip is also important, except driver, the use of any club when the ball in the hands of the location of the best left thigh. You hands should be part of the zipper, making shots when ready, even if the hand position slightly behind the ball a little, it is good for golf swing.

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