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To Make Golf Equipment Durable

Many golf players play golf, generally focusing on how to improve their skills and the reputation of the golf equipment. But the golf shaft evolved from wood and steel to carbon fiber texture and graphite. So how to take good care of his beloved golf is very important.


1, golf club: a club waiter tips let them help you clean your clubs. If your course does not have attendants, you can take a few minutes at home, with a metal brush, soap and hot water cleaning of your iron, metal wood club head and the bottom surface of legs, and then towel dry.


2, club handle: cloth, wipe thoroughly with soap and warm water to restore the adhesion of the handle, rinse and towel dry after. This damage can slow down the speed of the gloves.


3, shoes: If your golf shoes get wet in the rain. Can crumple the paper, into the shoes hanging on the 10 hours until the moisture is completely absorbed, and then put the new newspaper, shoe last and the new newspaper will be put together shoe. With household cleaners used gently wipe dust and wear and tear (for we can start on a small piece of leather to test to ensure the shoes will not have damage), and finally branded shoe polish.


4, the ball: a small bucket into the warm soapy water to put the ball into all the dirty to soak, then put the ball out, scrub with a toothbrush stained.


5, pants: According to the note on the washing trademark khaki pants, and then into the dryer until completely dry, after about ten minutes, the bottom edge up trouser legs hanging upside down to dry. If the pants are not easy care, they can along the line of ironing pants. Can also be placed in a vial yard trace of starch. Sloshing water, drying time, whether dry cleaning or washing. The pants still hanging upside down. Spray a thin layer, no ironing. Pants natural dried, fold usually disappears naturally.


6. Sneakers: You can use mild soap and warm water to clean the dust on the sneakers, wipe stained with a toothbrush, and then towel dry. Club manufacturer's recommended change every so after 30 on a pair of shoes.


7. Shirt: wash with cold water or warm water or blended cotton shirt. Then on racks to dry. If you use the dryer. Can not be more than 15 minutes, and set the “heater” file, and then hung up to dry.


8, hats: baseball cap will be machine wash cold water washing, drying; or labels on the bowl, the individual using standard procedures into the dishwasher wash once, and then dried together with the bowl to prevent the cap has shrunk. Finally removed the bowl, dry lining hang his hat.


9, bag: You can wash your bag with the toothbrush in warm water or mild household cleaner, after washing, let it dry.


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