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Many people told me, said: “If you want the comparison ball straight, you hit in a line first, then lift up in some point. Hit the ball, straight line to send the ball, and then fell apart. “This is too complicated.

Not all the swing is going straight. Correct swing should be a continuous arc, upper and lower bar are the cross arc. Action from the bar really is not that simple, up from the bar at the same time there are back “around” the action. In the last shot process, the face appears to be open, relative to the target line, the club face is really open; but in terms relative to the swing path, club face has been the Founder. So, soon up “lift” pole certainly will not do, simply down to “pull” not OK. It is an intermediate balance.

Swing the ball right from the beginning has to be up and inside, rather than a straight line along the target line lever. If you can swing along the line, golf will be particularly simple. If we stand above the ball, the shaft is vertical, straight rod, it would be a straight line, every shot will hit very straight. But obviously, the club is not vertical. Golf rules, the shaft can not be 90 ° vertical. Even if you use 90 ° to the clubs, you have to stand is located? If a straight line can be such a fight, I am sure to become the world's first, not on the fairways will not, can not get on the green.

Golf swing itself is a flat arc, not straight up and down. There is no “line” concept in it. Action is not even putting a straight line.

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