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What Single Golf Clubs Would Make a Great Addition to Your Set?

Every golfer has a different outlook on their game. Even the professionals who we see on TV all approach their craft from various points of view. Many of them have single golf clubs specifically for a hole in their game. Fortunately, there is no one perfect way to golf. It doesn't matter what clubs you use or how hard you swing, it's all about putting the ball in the hole. As Lee Trevino so eloquently put it, “75% of the game is played within 100 yards of the hole.” When considering your set of golf clubs and swing type, try to figure out how high your ball flies and if you have trouble getting it up into the air. That is where your evaluation should start.

The biggest complaint of most golfers is that they can't seem to get the ball into the air on a consistent basis. With no air underneath their ball, they are reduced to hitting low shots short of the green and letting them run up on to the surface in order to hold their position. This is fabulous for the links style course of Europe where dry, hard surfaces are the norm. American courses however are loaded with green, lush fairways dotted on each side with plenty of trees. This type of course favors the accurate hitter and penalizes those who stray with swings full of hooking and slicing. This is common of the low ball hitters. If you are having trouble getting your golf ball into the air, adding single golf clubs to your bag can help you with this problem since many are specifically designed for this purpose.

A few good ones that fit this category are the wedges from 48 degrees all the way up to 60 degrees. The pitching wedge is approximately 48 degrees of loft while the 60 degree wedge is designed to “shoot” the ball up quickly and not go very far. In between are the sand wedge (52 degrees) and gap wedge (56 degree). Some manufacturers will vary on the name and degree of loft, but those are the basics. If you can't hit the pitching wedge, try a 56 degree sand wedge. Not only does it have more loft, but the leading edge and sole are designed to “bounce” out of the sand and knife through it as well. It may be just the ticket for those difficult lies in the rough short of the green.

If you take stock of your game, you will probably find a situation where adding single golf clubs to your bag will not only lower your handicap but make the round a whole lot more enjoyable.

If you are serious about improving your game, then get that specialty club to improve your game. For more information and great deals on golf equipment, visit Single Golf Clubs.

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