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When Choosing Golf Clubs

When it is time for us to buy the golf clubs, we must know that what we need, of course the fairway wood, hybrid and driver are the most important clubs, so when buying them we must know the difference of them.

Angle and distance

Fairway woods have numbers, different numbers corresponding to different face angles. A 3-wood, the angle is 15 degrees, up to 15.5 degrees. 13 degrees is called 3 (actually should be called the 2 wood, manufacturers can not sell fear, they still call 3). When select fairway wood, you can not serve as the choice to buy wood as it hit the furthest one, but you should consider how Fairway Woods and other golf clubs from the valid link up.

Do not blind pursuit the small face angle of the hybrid or rescue, but according to their package which should be the longest distance and angle irons to decide what Ping G10 hybrid angle to buy. If you bag the longest iron is a 5-iron, a distance of 175 yards. Then buy a 19 degree angle, you can hit 210 yards of the hybrid is useless. The right choice should be to buy a 21 or even 24 degrees can reach 185-190 yards products.


Fairway wood pursues a high trajectory, either on stage or in the offensive in the tee, when green; high-trajectory will lead to more accurate placement. If you encounter against the wind, you can change the swing with the wind break easily hit the golf ball. Some manufacturers now market the product to meet the golf ball from the friends of the blind pursuit of the ball fairway wood design of the low take-off trajectory, it is not practical, to buy time to try to avoid these products.

Even when buying hybrid to note that the hybrid is iron supplement, apart from the above, we should also consider the use. Hybrid is not only on the iron supplement, it is also very suitable for difficult to place the golf ball to save, or use a fairway bunker. Hybrid is green in the attack outside the iron range of the best weapons; low take-off trajectory is not conducive to stop the golf ball on the green, so the time should be considered in the selection of high ballistic products.


The commercial fairway wood and hybrid for most golfers are too long, after purchase you should truncate immediately. Fairway wood and hybrid requirements of the accuracy is much higher than the wooden ball, stability, precision is the primary goal.


The choice of fairway wood and driver body similar to change the exchange, you should not repeat them here.

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